On the Issues

  • Making the Democratic Party more relevant to voters

    The Democratic Party must be more inclusive and accessible to grassroots activists, young voters, and other community members. As a Democratic Socialist, I believe in a two-pronged approach to both organizing from inside of the Democratic Party, both at the local and state levels, and in the streets to hold elected officials accountable to their actions. I’ve worked with other delegates to pass resolutions at the party level calling for an end to illegal and excessive rent increases, calling for PG&E to become a publicly owned power, and urging the state to provide Medicare for All.

  • Holding corporations and real estate accountable

    San Francisco is the tale of two cities. To bridge the economic inequality gap, we need to hold corporations and developers accountable to pay their fair share, to help alleviate the housing crisis and support homeless services. Through supporting Our City, Our Home (Prop C, 2018) I engaged local community leaders and members of the SF Democratic Party to support this important measure. While the mayor and other elected officials declined to support the measure, the SF Democratic Party voted to endorse and helped to pass the proposition.

  • Pressure state leaders to nationalize PG&E and make utilities public, not investor-owned

    Utilities should be public, not owned by shareholders. I sponsored and helped co-author a resolution urging the state to look into making PG&E a publicly owned good after the company failed to maintain their lines, which started the Camp Fire. With the current public safety power shutoffs that PG&E has implemented to prevent further fires, their management has failed its ratepayers. Instead of using profits to maintain lines, the board of directors and executives receive millions of dollars in income. We need to hold our elected officials accountable and call for PG&E to be publicly owned while also ensuring good, labor jobs are protected from PG&E's failures as a utility.

  • Improve public transit and make it more accessible, safe, and affordable

    Like many San Franciscans, I rely on public transportation to get around the city. Not only is our transportation system unreliable and expensive, I've been sexually assaulted on transit while trying to get home and know I'm not alone in that experience. We need to hold our city and transit officials accountable and demand a safer, more reliable transportation system with shorter wait times and preventing line switchbacks, which affect lower-income neighborhoods.