Organizer. Advocate. Activist.

Kelly is a seasoned organizer with experience running local campaigns, canvassing neighborhoods, and coalition-building. In Eugene, Oregon, Kelly canvassed low-income neighbors living in environmentally sensitive areas who were experiencing health issues including cancer and asthma. She's passionate about and has advocated for women's reproductive justice, abolishing ICE, stopping homeless encampment sweeps, and improving tenant protections. Currently she works as a policy advisor to a nonprofit, with a focus on expanding access to the ballot, fair redistricting, and ensuring a complete and accurate 2020 Census count.

Jon Jacobo, Kelly, Leah LaCroix, and Janice Li protesting a BART policy

This fall, Kelly organized a protest against a BART policy that had led to a black man being unfairly targeted and arrested for eating a sandwich on a BART platform. Kelly and other activists organized an "eat-in" and ate breakfast on a BART platform to protest the antiquated policy that fines riders $250 for eating on the system, and tends to target black and brown passengers. The protest received press attention across the state, and elected officials have called for BART to change its policy around issuing citations to passengers who eat in the paid areas of the system.

Committed Volunteer.

During the past year, she has served as co-chair of the San Francisco Democratic Socialists of America's housing and electoral committees. Kelly was also appointed to the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee in 2017 and currently serves on the communications committee.

Kelly has volunteered on the board of the San Francisco Women's Political Committee since 2014. Since joining the board, she has worked to develop a pipeline for young women interested in local politics to easily become more involved in the community.

Public School Graduate.

Kelly was the first in her family to earn a bachelor's degree, graduating from San Francisco State University with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy in 2011. She earned her master's degree in Leadership in Sustainability from University of Oregon in 2013.